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A few random things

Jeff Passan has a follow-up to his column on the MLB blackout rules...he says, basically, lots of people think it is stupid, but Bud Selig can't be bothered to do anything about it.

Buster Olney has the following blurb on his blog:

Darin Erstad is hurting. You have to wonder whether Erstad might walk away from the game eventually if the injuries continue to nag at him the way they have. He always has competed with so much integrity, and you wonder whether he'll be OK for long while performing as a diminished player. Bartolo Colon is back, but not at top form yet.

Darin Erstad not wanting to perform as a "diminished player"? He's been pretty diminished for much of his would anyone notice the difference?

And the Rangers are currently 8th in the new Prospectus Hit List...