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Black Wednesday


I'm in a foul mood today.

Rangers are still in first place, at least, tied with Oakland.

Adding to the frustration, Mark Teixeira says there is "no doubt" his 9th inning blast was fair, and should have been a walk-off home run.

Frankie Francisco was activated from the disabled list and optioned to AAA yesterday. That allows him to continue pitching in the minors, and be recalled as early as June 29. From the sound of things, I think Francisco will end up getting brought back to the majors on that day, and hopefully provide a boost to the bullpen.

Kat O'Brien says that there may not be much playing time for Freddy Guzman, who was called up to replace Kameron Loe on the 25 man roster.

The thing about Guzman that strikes me is, after the Rangers got him, I saw some suggestions that John Hudgins and Vince Sinisi was a pretty small price to pay, given that Guzman was almost as good as Tampa Bay's Joey Gathright (whom the Rangers were interested in, and who is the same type of player as Guzman), and Tampa was asking a lot more in return for Gathright.

Gathright, of course, was traded by the D-Rays yesterday to the Royals, for former Longhorn lefty J.P. Howell, the Royals' first round pick in 2004. In looking at the deal, I'm not so sure that Howell is all that much more valuable than Hudgins and Sinisi put together...

And Evan Grant's DMN Rangers newsletter is out...Grant wants folks to let him know why there isn't more of a buzz about the Rangers right now...