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The Rangers don't pinch hit

Okay, the Rangers don't pinch hit much...that's not exactly a news flash...

But BP's Jim Baker pointed out, in an article yesterday, that the Rangers are not pinch-hitting at a historic pace.

With 6 pinch hit plate appearances so far in 2006, the Rangers are on pace for 14 on the season, which would be the lowest pinch hitting rate, by far, in major league history. The 1993 Toronto Blue Jays, with 30 PHPAs in 162 games, have the lowest rate ever.

Last year's Ranger team tied for the 7th lowest rate ever, with just 43.

And with Rangers pinch hitters currently 0 for 6, they are also on pace to have the lowest batting average for pinch hitters in major league history.

I think the main reason the Rangers don't pinch hit much is that, given the current makeup of the roster, there aren't that many opportunities...Popup is the only guy you are probably going to want to pinch hit for, generally speaking, and that isn't going to happen, because Buck won't disrespect a gritty vet like Popup by sending up a rookie like Jason Botts, or Popup's backup, Gerald Laird, to hit for him.

Anyway, just something to keep an eye on...