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Wednesday morning items

Frustrating game last night. Another blown call by Bill Welke behind the plate, on the non-tag on Mike Young at home, plus what seemed to be a curiously wide strike zone at times. With Oakland winning yesterday, the Rangers are now back in second place, a game back of the A's.

According to Evan Grant, Ian Kinsler missed a bunt sign in the 9th inning last night, and ended up grounding into a double play. It will be interesting to see whether that earns him a spot on the bench in today's finale against the Padres.

On the injured pitcher front, Grant also reports that Adam Eaton is targeting a July 26 return to the majors, while John Wasdin is looking at a Sunday rehab start for the Redhawks.

Someone named Troy Phillips has a piece on the four ex-Rangers now with the Padres.

I'll be interested in seeing the lineup for today's game against the Padres. Jason Botts has started just once in the last 10 days, and just 6 times this month. I'm guessing that Botts will be the DH today, with Dumpmaster at second base and Kinsler on the some point, the Rangers are going to have to decide if Botts is going to play or not, and if not, send him back to AAA.