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White Sox stealing signs?

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The Cardinals believe that the ChiSox are stealing signs at US Cellular:

If the Cardinals never solved Freddy Garcia in a 1-0 loss Thursday night, they may have settled a conspiracy.

The White Sox were 40-for-88 with 15 extra-base hits and 33 runs the first two games of the series. The outburst not only heightened suspicion that Mark Mulder wasn't sound, but also that the White Sox dugout may have been exercising gamesmanship.

During Wednesday's rout, the Cardinals dugout became convinced a center-field camera at U.S. Cellular Field was tipping pitches to the home team.

Signs were changed after the fifth inning, and the White Sox went four for 36 with one extra-base hit and one run after the switch.

"Let's put it this way," one Cardinals source said Thursday night. "They looked like they knew what was coming the first two nights. They looked like they had no idea tonight.

"You figure it out."

Oh, the irony...