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Fabio Castro DFA'd

Fabio Castro was DFA'd to make room for Robinson Tejeda on the 25 man roster.

A few thoughts here...

Obviously, I'm disappointed. The organization obviously liked Castro, or they wouldn't have made the move to get him in the Rule 5 draft and kept him around as long as they did.

Just as obviously, Buck was loathe to use him in any sort of meaningful situation, which put the Rangers in a bit of a bind, as far as keeping him around goes.

I'd rather have seen the Rangers keep Castro, and option Scott Feldman or waive Bryan Corey. But even then, the Rangers are going to have John Wasdin and Frankie Francisco coming back from the d.l. shortly, and Kam Loe sometime soon as well. And Wes Littleton is showing he's major league caliber in AAA, while Josh Rupe is working his way back, and will probably be used in a relief role.

The Rangers have a lot of relief options, and a lot of guys they can, and want to, use in the bullpen. I have to think that impacted the decision quite a bit...

The other thing is, Castro was snagged from the ChiSox. I think that had to play into whether or not the Rangers thought they could try to game the system by sticking him back on the d.l. in a couple of weeks and leaving him there until September...Ozzie Guillen and Buck Showalter have their history of hostility, and I think if the Rangers tried to pull a fast one by fabricating an injury, Chicago was likely to squawk. Given that Jon Daniels said publicly that they weren't going to hide him on the disabled list, I wouldn't be surprised if someone -- either from the Commissioner's office, or from the ChiSox front office -- gave the Rangers the heads up that Castro wouldn't be allowed on the d.l. without a legitimate injury.

In any case, Castro is going to be is just a question of what the Rangers will get in return. I have to think that the Kansas City Royals, who are buried in the A.L. Central, a paucity of pitching prospects, and a new g.m. with a player-development background, would be an obvious trade partner. Tampa Bay and Minnesota are possibilities, I think, as well, along with possibly the Atlanta Braves.

We'll have to see how this plays out. As I said, I'm disappointed in this move, but how disappointed is going to depend on what the return ends up being...