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Bryan Corey cost the Rangers Fabio Castro?

There's a rather baffling quote from Buck Showalter in T.R. Sullivan's notes today:

Reliever Bryan Corey, unheard of before the season began, is showing some staying power. He took a 2.70 ERA into Sunday's game with opponents hitting .200, and his performance was one of the reasons why the Rangers were willing to let go of Rule 5 pitcher Fabio Castro.

"There's a little more of a trust factor," Showalter said. "He throws strikes, and his changeup makes him viable against left-handers. He's had some success at the Double-A and Triple-A level."

The Rangers were also hesitant to put Corey through outright waivers and would rather try getting something in a trade for Castro.

"With the state of pitching in baseball, we could have lost Bryan," Showalter said.

I'm not sure where the "more of a trust factor" comes from, other than possibly the fact that Corey was with Buck briefly in Arizona 8 years ago, and he seems to trust guys he had there.

But the idea that the Rangers have to lose Fabio Castro because they didn't want to risk losing Bryan Corey -- a guy who will probably be off the roster in a couple of weeks anyway -- seems bizarre to me.

I've got to hope that the performance of a 32 year old journeyman over a half-dozen innings wasn't a significant factor in deciding to give up on Castro.