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Dodgers trading Dioner Navarro?

The Dodgers are supposedly getting Mark Hendrickson from the D-Rays, in a deal that would send former Yankee/D-Back (for about a half-second)/Dodger catching prospect Dioner Navarro to the D-Rays, and perpetually disappointing D-Ray catcher Toby Hall to the Dodgers.

This is kind of interesting to me, mainly because Hendrickson is one of those names that the Rangers might have been sniffing around on come July, if the rotation needed shoring up, and because Navarro is another one of these hyped Yankee prospects, a guy who was a key piece in getting the Big Unit to New York.

Navarro is also an example of how teams tend to over-value catching prospects when making trades, something that hopefully will come in handy for the Rangers in a year or two, given the surplus of catching they are building up in the system...