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Wednesday a.m. stuff

The Rangers get hosed by the umps for the second time in about a week last night. I don't even really know what to say about it. Four ejections for the Rangers pretty well speaks for itself, I think...

A few things from the papers this morning...

Evan Grant has a piece on the catching platoon. My feelings on that are on the record, of course.

On the injury front, Grant has several updates. Frankie Francisco hasn't thrown in a game since Thursday, and apparently won't be back before the break. Kam Loe has started up his throwing program in Arizona, but also won't be back until after the break. And Adam Eaton is supposed to throw a simulated game this week, then start a rehab assignment the following week.

Jan Hubbard has a piece on Bryan Corey, and the confidence the Rangers apparently have in him right now.