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No suspensions for Tuesday's ejections

T.R. Sullivan reports that no Rangers will be suspended after the ejections on Tuesday. I was a little concerned that either Michael Young or Mark Teixeira could have been facing a one-game suspension.

Sullivan also has this, on Edinson Volquez:

Pitcher Edinson Volquez continues to push for a return to the Major Leagues. He's not there yet, and fastball command was still an issue in five scoreless innings for Triple-A Oklahoma on Tuesday.

But Daniels was there, was impressed with what he saw and said Volquez is a "strong option" if the Rangers need a starter.

"He has made a lot of progress," Daniels said. "He's on the roster, he's had success in Triple-A and he's improved in a lot of areas we asked him to improve in. If we had a need, he would certainly be in the mix.

"He's a unique talent. When he is at his best, he brings out something you don't find very often."

Volquez is 4-5 with a 3.31 ERA in 16 starts and leads the Pacific Coast League with 99 strikeouts in 92 1/3 innings. In his last six starts, he has allowed just five earned runs in 39 innings with just 13 hits and 18 walks against 47 strikeouts.

The Rangers would still like for him to finish off what he has been working on before they bring him to the big leagues.

"His mound presence is better, so is his breaking ball and fastball command," Daniels said. "[Tuesday] night, his fastball command wasn't what it has been, but I'm not judging him on just one start, it's multiple starts over multiple weeks."

That's interesting, particularly since Buck described Volquez's start as just "so-so," although obviously, Buck wasn't at the game like Daniels was...