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Friday morning

I'm grouchy today.

A little over two weeks ago, the Mavs do their tank job in the NBA Finals. Now, the Rangers have fallen into third place in the A.L. West, behind the hated Mariners.

I'm feeling very anti-sports right now.

The item yesterday that I linked from T.R. Sullivan, about the pending Ranger free agents, got me thinking...the Rangers could possibly end up with a few compensatory draft picks next year.

Of the six potential free agents -- GMJ, Padilla, Eaton, Barajas, Dumpmaster, and Hairston -- Padilla and Barajas would seem to definitely end up being either Type A or Type B guys, while GMJ would seem to have a real good chance of falling in that category, and Dumpmaster has a shot if he keeps getting regular playing time. A Type A free agent would give the Rangers two draft picks -- with one of them being a compensatory pick between the first and second rounds -- and a Type B free agent would give the Rangers a single draft pick.

I think the Rangers would definitely offer GMJ and Padilla arbitration, since that would mean just a one year commitment at a reasonable salary for a couple of guys who, it seems, could have a role on the 2007 team.

Barajas and DeRosa are more of a question seems clear that the organization wants to go with Gerald Laird next year, and while I think it is unlikely that Barajas would accept arbitration, preferring to go get a multi-year deal, the chance of getting stuck with him at $5 million for 2007 to be the backup catcher, might scare the Rangers offer. On the other hand, if someone signs him before the deadline for offering arbitration, the issue would be moot...

With DeRosa, a lot will depend on what sort of role the Rangers envision him in. If they want him in a utility role, they may be loathe to offer him arbitration. On the other hand, if they decide that this year's performance is for real, then offering him arbitration is a no-brainer...

Anyway, just something to think about...

I've already talked about the Fabio Castro trade, but one more thing to add...Jan Hubbard reports that BA had Haigwood as the Phillies #6 prospect coming into 2006. The BA online rankings for the Phillies were done before the Thome trade, so he wasn't included in those, but I should have checked my Prospect Handbook last night.

Philly assistant g.m. Ruben Amaro says the Phillies project Castro as a setup man.

Kat O'Brien has a piece on the Rangers' ability to pick up some useful pitchers from the scrap heap. I do think Daniels looks pretty good for nabbing Padilla, Rheinecker and Koronka, at this point, although the Eaton/Young swap does dampen my enthusiasm on that front just a tad...

On the injury front, Evan Grant reports that Rick Bauer has been unavailable the past couple of days because of a hemorrhoid, but is going thru a procedure today to get rid of it and should be available for tonight's game. I've got no comment.

And Frankie Francisco has been put on the minor league disabled list...don't remember if I'd already mentioned it, but it means Frankie won't be back until after the ASB, if then.

The transcript from Richard Durrett's chat session is up. And Kevin Sherrington talks about the I-45 series, lamenting how cold both teams are coming into today's game.