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Some last minute draft stuff

I've got no prediction on who the Rangers are going to take.

However, Kevin Goldstein reports on some interesting developments that could impact the Rangers...

Goldstein says that Andrew Miller's people may be making particularly outrageous salary demands to teams low in the draft, in an effort to force those teams to pass on him so he can slide to the Cubs at #13 or the Yankees at #21. An intriguing possibility -- Todd Van Poppel is probably the most famous example of doing something like that -- but Miller, supposedly the top talent in the draft, could end up in free-fall.

Goldstein pegs the D-Backs at #11 and the Rangers at #12 as the only teams likely to be interested in Miller before the Cubs at #13.

And if I'm Texas, I might pull the trigger on him...if you can sign him, you get the best player in the draft. And if you can't sign him, you get a compensatory sandwich pick next year, when the draft should be a lot better...I don't know that there's going to be a whole lot of difference between the quality of, say, Max Scherzer or Matt Antonelli at #12 this year, and whomever is available at #35 or so next year.

You can follow the draft at, and since the jury trial I was supposed to start yesterday ended up settling over the weekend, I'm going to be around and able to update as things progress...
Update [2006-6-6 13:4:1 by Adam J. Morris]: -- According to BA, Hochevar, Reynolds, Longoria, and Lincoln are going to go 1-2-3-4.

Update [2006-6-6 13:6:25 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Royals take Hochevar first.