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Some stuff on Kasey Kiker

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He was one of the four players Grant indicated today the Rangers had targeted.

He's a small lefty out of Alabama, but he's more Billy Wagner than Mario Ramos...mid-90s fastball...

BA had him ranked #25 overall, and says this:

Kiker is one the nation's most electric lefthanders and has a remarkable track record for a high school pitcher. As a 15-year-old in 2003, he was the winning pitcher for Team USA when it won a gold medal in the World Youth Championship in Taiwan. He was the ace of national champion Russell County High's staff in 2005 as a junior, going 12-1, 0.52 with 173 strikeouts and 24 walks in 94 innings. Kiker appeared in the Aflac All-American Classic in August and numerous other high-profile showcases and tournaments, showing guile and aggressiveness each time out. His velocity fluctuated throughout the spring, and his most impressive outing might have come in early May when he pitched at 93 with late life and command of his hard breaking ball and changeup. Kiker carves up hitters with power stuff. His 76-78 mph breaking ball has 1-to-7 tilt with tight spin, and his changeup is more consistent and rates as a present above-average offering. Kiker isn't tall, but he's thick and strong, especially in his lower half. He pitches with a chip on his shoulder, which doesn't bother most scouts, but the club that selects him will investigate his makeup.

Interesting pick, particularly given the emphasis the Rangers have been putting on height in their pitchers the last couple of years. Seems like he's a bit of a reach...