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Rangers later round picks

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7th round -- Grant Gerrard, 22 year old outfielder from Southern Illinois

8th round -- Josh Bradbury, from Orange Coast College, a 21 year old JuCo rightfielder

9th round -- Brannon Garr, 22 year old RHP from U. of Northern Colorado

10th round -- Craig Gentry, CF from Arkansas-Fayetteville

As a point of reference, looking at the 10th round of the 2000 draft, the only two names I recognize are Clint Barmes and Kelly Gulledge. The Rangers took an outfielder named Billy Montgomery...

11th round -- Craig Crow, RHP, Rice

12th round -- Matthew Jaimes, high school 3B from California

13th round -- Kevin Angelle, LHP Texas high schooler

14th round -- Michael Ballard, LHP, U. Va.

15th round -- Cody Himes, another JuCoer, a shortstop from San Mateo College

16th round -- Cody Podraza, a CF from Tomball