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Evan Grant's DMN Rangers newsletter

Evan Grant has a new Rangers newsletter up...

He has an analysis of Jon Daniels' emphasis on building catching depth in the farm system, predicts that we won't see Fabio Castro in the majors again until September, and says that if Brian Anderson, Josh Rupe and/or Adam Eaton come back, only Kevin Millwood is less likely than Kam Loe to lose his job in the rotation.

Two other things, that I wanted to cut-and-paste...first, on Gerald Laird:

You want to have solid catching, middle infielders and a center fielder. Finding middle infielders and outfielders is easier than finding catching.

Holding to that thought is a big reason why the Rangers held on to Laird rather than include him over Chris Young in the winter trade. The Rangers could have dealt Laird, and he might be the Padres' starting catcher right now instead of Piazza. But Daniels considered Young a middle-of-the-rotation type of starter. He considered Laird an elite-level catcher.

Having a young, elite catcher can impact a whole lot of things on the roster, too. Consider this: Next year, Laird will make less than $400,000; to keep Rod Barajas would likely cost upwards of $4 million. By holding onto Laird, the Rangers created more financial flexibility for themselves in 2007.

Secondly, from a question submitted to Grant:

Even with Phil Nevin gone, it appears the Rangers have too many players. You have Brad Wilkerson, the massive strikeout man, then Kevin Mench, Mark DeRosa, Jason Botts, Ian Kinsler and who knows who else. Old Bucko can't seem to figure a lineup. I don't see Wilkerson adding anything but strikeouts ...

I'd rip the guy for the dumb comments on Wilkerson, but he is from "Hogshooter, Oklahoma", so I guess I should cut him a break...