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Hump day Rangers news

Rangers win, despite some missed opportunities and what looked early on like a shaky Kevin Millwood outing, and remain 3.5 games up in the A.L. West...

I continue to feel good about this team's chances...

I'm drafted out after yesterday...if you want to check out some more stuff, the DMN piece on the Rangers draftees is here and the S-T's is here and here. According to the DMN, Kasey Kiker will be starting out at Spokane.

Richard Durrett says that Brian Anderson's rehab has been put on hold. Anderson had elbow pain, and underwent an MRI, with the results being sent to Dr. Meister to review. It sounds like we will know something more in the next day or two, although Buck says that things are "not too good."

T.R. Sullivan has this to say on Kevin Mench and the All-Star Game:

Kevin Mench is having a year deserving of All-Star Game consideration, but the Rangers outfielder realizes he has no chance to be voted onto the team.

Kevin Mench is having a pretty decent year -- he's at .288 for the season -- but I don't think it is really All-Star caliber...

The latest BP Prospectus Hit List is out, with the Rangers checking in at #10.