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Draft update

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The Rangers last couple of picks yesterday, and picks so far today:

17th round -- John Maschino, RHP, Seminole State College (Juco)

18th round -- Michael Wagner, RHP, Washington St.

19th round -- Miguel Velazquez, RF, high school

20th round -- Tyler Fleming, 20 year RHP, Cowley County C.C. (probably a draft-and-follow target)

21st round -- Brandt Walker, RHP, St. Stephens high in Houston

22nd round -- Cory Luebke, LHP, Ohio State

23rd round -- Jay Heafner, SS, Davidson

24th round -- Robert McClain, 19 y.o. LHP, Walters St. C.C. (another likely d-a-f)

25th round -- Derek Holland, 19 y.o. LHP, Wallace St. C.C. (ditto)

26th round -- Kenneth Gregory, 1B, high schooler from New Jersey

27th round -- Jared Olson, 19 y.o. 3B, Frederick C.C.

28th round -- William Hall, LHP, high schooler from Missouri

29th round -- Daniel Hoben, 18 y.o. LHP, Chandler Gilbert C.C.

30th round -- Nickolas Cadena, 3B, Florida Int'l