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The rest of the draft

31st round -- Adam Schaecher, RHP, Creighton

32nd round -- Shannon Wirth, RHP, Lewis & Clark

33rd round -- Eric Fry, 19 y.o. RF from San Jac JuCo in Louisiana

34th round -- Austin Weilip, RHP, Lewis & Clark

35th round -- Brian Nelson, OF, Corban College

36th round -- John Slusarz, RHP, UConn

37th round -- John Lambert, LHP from an Indiana HS

38th round -- Jonathan Hollis, RHP, Yale

39th round -- Gary Poynter, RHP, Weatherford JuCo

40th round -- Christopher Dennis, RHP, Auburn

41st round -- Brandon Gribbin, RHP, Golden West JuCo

42nd round -- Lance West, OF, Louisiana high schooler

43rd round -- Shawn Sanford, RHP, high schooler from New Jersey

44th round -- Daniel Sattler, RHP, Purdue

45th round -- Daniel Herrera, LHP, U. of New Mexico

46th round -- Clifton Thomas, OF, California high schooler

47th round -- Joseph Norwood, 3B, Modesto JuCo

48th round -- Rylan Ostrosky, RHP, Lethridge JuCo

49th round -- Clint Stubbs, OF, Atlanta, TX (yes, he is Drew's brother, and a Longhorn signee)

50th round -- Patrick Donovan, LHP, Gonzaga