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Friday morning things

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Rangers are up 3.5 games on the A's in the West right now, heading into a big 4 game series at Boston. The A's have a three game set this weekend at the Yankees, while the Angels, currently 5 back, have three at home with Seattle.

Richard Durrett says Francisco Cordero has his confidence back, and is trying to keep his hands closer to his chest during his delivery, because he believes he may have been tipping his pitches because of where he was holding his hands.

Durrett also has this on Marcus Lemon:

The Rangers face an uphill battle to sign fourth-round pick Marcus Lemon, son of former big leaguer Chet Lemon.

Lemon, who has signed to play for the University of Texas, said before the draft that it would cost a team $1.5 million to sign him. That is low-first-round bonus money. Fourth-round picks usually receive about $200,000.

Lemon's bonus request likely pushed him a round or two lower in the draft (he was the 118th overall selection). Because the Rangers didn't have a second-round pick, they may go above the market to sign Lemon. Yet it is unlikely they would go as high as $1.5 million.

"We knew the kind of bonus he was looking for prior to drafting him, but hope we can find an agree- ment that works for both of us," general manager Jon Daniels said.