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Antonio Alfonseca out, Bryan Corey up

Just saw a flash from Jamey Newberg that Antonio Alfonseca has been designated for assignment, and Bryan Corey has been called up.

Wow. Definitely didn't expect this. I was no big fan of the Alfonseca signing, but he seemed to have done a decent job in the bullpen, and until his injury, Buck appeared to have a lot of confidence in him in the late innings.

Bryan Corey has been terrific this year...for Frisco and Oklahoma combined, he's got a 1.39 ERA in 32 1/3 IP, with 35 Ks, 8 walks, 3 HBP, and 0 homers allowed.

Corey is a 32 year old career minor leaguer with 5 innings total in the majors. You can check out his career stats (majors and minors) here.

I have to think this is a short-term move...I have a hard time imagining Corey is viewed as part of the long-term solution in the pen for 2006. I'm guessing he's here until Francisco or Castro are ready.

Update [2006-6-9 16:20:38 by Adam J. Morris]: -- I'm not sure why Corey got the call, rather than Wes Littleton. I initially thought Littleton hadn't spent enough time in the minors since being optioned when John Rheinecker was called up, but by my count, Littleton has spent 11 days in the minors, which would allow him to be recalled.