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Saturday morning things

I had forgotten what it felt like to see the Rangers win. After the game, I kept checking the Yahoo box score, to make sure they hadn't somehow figured out a way to lose the game after it was over.

Great outing by Vicente Padilla last night. John Wasdin needs to follow that up with a solid outing this afternoon.

Rick Bauer is likely going to go to the d.l. to make room for Wasdin, who is going to be activated today. Nick Masset was supposed to be sent down, but with Bauer having hemorrhoid problems, Masset apparently will hang around a while longer.

Jon Daniels is working the phones, T.R. Sullivan says, but doesn't expect any moves for now.

And Adam Eaton's rehab schedule has been mapped out, with his final rehab outing being July 20 in Oklahoma. If all goes well, then after that, he'll be activated and, presumably, re-join the Ranger rotation.