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All Star Tuesday stuff

You know, I don't really care all that much about the All Star Game. I don't get fired up about exhibitions in general. And the "this time, it counts" nonsense is a turnoff to me, personally. The notion that home field advantage in the World Series should be decided by a scrimmage in which the managers' main goals appear to be figuring out how to get everyone in the game and avoiding taxing anyone's pitching arms is ludicrous, in my opinion.

So anyway...I may watch it tonight, I may not. I'll probably watch a little bit of it, but not much. It is not my thing.

A few notes for this morning...Richard Durrett talks about Adam Eaton's rehab outing yesterday, which seems to have went well. There was a EGS sighting there, as well:

Rangers manager Buck Showalter and former general manager (and now consultant) John Hart watched from a suite at Dr Pepper Ballpark. They liked what they saw from the 28-year-old Eaton.

Thank goodness John Hart was on hand to weigh in and give his opinion on how Eaton looked. I wouldn't want Buck and Jon Daniels to have to evaluate Eaton without his input.

I have to wonder whether Buck and Hart played 18 or 36 before going to Frisco game yesterday...

Jim Reeves has a column on Gary Matthews, Jr., and how he feels he's finally getting a chance to show what he can do with regular playing time, while Kat O'Brien talks about GMJ going to his first All Star Game.

Finally, on the injured pitcher front, Kam Loe is going to be getting his first rehab start for Frisco on Wednesday.