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Tuesday discussion thread

Okay, topic for discussion...

The Rangers have 6 pending free agents -- GMJ, Mark DeRosa, Rod Barajas, Jerry Hairston Jr., Vicente Padilla, and Adam Eaton.

My guess is that Padilla and Barajas will be Type A or Type B free agents, DeRosa and GMJ will probably be Type B free agents, and Eaton and Hairston will be no compensation free agents.

If you aren't sure about the rules governing compensation that teams get for losing free agents, you can read Jamey Newberg's excellent explanation of it here.

Let's assume that Padilla and Barajas are Type A and DeRosa and GMJ are Type B.

Which of those 6 would you prioritize re-signing? Who would you be willing to offer arbitration to? Who would you be willing to let walk without offering arbitration?