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Anaheim in the second half

Over at the DMN Rangers blog, Gerry Fraley says that the rest of the West will regret not burying Anaheim in the first half...he says Bill Stoneman is looking to add a bat to make a second half push.

I guess the question is, what bat? Alfonso Soriano? Aubrey Huff? Carlos Lee? Lee supposedly isn't going anywhere, and Huff hasn't been all that good since 2003. Jim Bowden is supposedly asking for a ridiculous amount for Soriano, although Sori would be a good fit in the Angels' lineup of hackmeisters.

Still, I just don't see Anaheim as being that good. They are sort of like the A.L. version of the Astros, with a strong rotation, one great offensive player, and a bunch of bleahs otherwise (unless you think Mike Napoli will continue his Piazza impression).