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Slowest sports day of the year

The Wednesday after the ASB is always the slowest sports day of the year. This is the day when any puff pieces ESPN has had in the can for a while end up on SportsCenter, when there's no games to cover, when the NFL, NBA and NHL are all in dead periods...

I watched some of the All Star game last night. And I have to say, I think the Rangers reps represented quite well. Michael Young's two out triple will be shown in All Star Game highlights for years to come.

Gerry Fraley has a piece on Michael Young, All Star MVP, including the obligatory blurbs from Jerry Narron and the John Hart/Damian Easley references.

Evan Grant has a new newsletter out, and tells Alex Rodriguez to shut up and play ball.

Kat O'Brien says Freddy Guzman is expected to be recalled to takes Jason Botts' roster spot, and has this quote on Botts from Jon Daniels:

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said: "With the makeup of the club right now, it makes sense to have a more versatile player on the bench. Jason's got a chance to impact this team in time. He left a very positive impression on me."

Jan Hubbard and O'Brien are doing a chat session at noon can access it here.