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Bud Selig is an idiot

Wow...I don't know how I missed this, but Bud Selig has come up with something that is probably one of the five dumbest ideas generated during his tenure as Commissioner (which is saying a lot, given how bad he's been):

While meeting with baseball writers Tuesday before the All-Star Game, Commissioner Bud Selig threw out a stunning proposal - banning All-Star Game pitchers from being used on the Sunday before the Midsummer Classic.

The idea didn't exactly meet with unanimous approval from baseball people, most notably American League manager Ozzie Guillen, whose own Jose Contreras started Sunday and later was scratched from the All-Star team.

"He's the commissioner and he can do whatever he wants, but I'd rather do something to help my ballclub and not the All-Star team," Guillen said. "But if that's the way he wants it, people have to go by his rules. But I don't know if some general managers (will agree)."

Selig said the idea was something "we ought to seriously think about."

"There needs to be some excitement," he said. "Our All-Star Game is the best of all All-Star games. You can't receive a greater honor (than to be chosen to play)."

Wow. I can't believe Selig would actually suggest that publicly.