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Marlon Byrd designated for assignment

The Washington Nationals have designated Marlon Byrd for assignment.

Quite a free-fall Byrd has had over the last few years...he was ranked the #26 prospect in baseball coming into the 2002 season, and had what appeared to be a breakout rookie campaign with the Phillies in 2003, at age 25, when he hit .303/.366/.418 with pretty solid defense in centerfield.

He was then godawful in 2004, posting a .208 EQA, then was traded early in 2005 to the Nationals for Endy Chavez. After a couple of seasons of part-time play for the Nats, Byrd is now headed for the waiver wire.

Once, I would have been interested in putting in a claim on him, but now...meh. He's not as good defensively or on the basepaths as Freddy Guzman, so unless the Rangers just want to send Guzman back down to play every day and let Byrd by the 25th man, I don't see much point in claiming him.

Update [2006-7-14 17:22:43 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Looking at a couple of things, it appears Byrd was DFA'd earlier and has cleared waivers already, and been sent to AAA.