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Saturday morning stuff

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Another day in first place in the A.L. West...

Evan Grant says that the travel arrangements for the Ranger/BoSox game on Thursday are tight...the Rangers will fly in that morning, go directly to the stadium, skip batting practice, and play at 2 p.m.

Grant also says that John Mayberry Jr. is hitting .341 for the month of July, getting his average for the season up to .251. Hopefully, he's turning a corner...

Gerry Fraley says that the Rangers "under no condition" should consider trading for Kris Benson, who, Fraley suggests, is a whiner, a distraction, and can only perform on losing teams. Oddly, he refers to the 1996 draft (when Benson went #1) as "cursed", because 12 first rounders never reached the majors...but 10 first rounders (including former UT QB Shea Morenz) never made the majors from the 1995 draft, and 10 never made it from the 1997 draft. 12 doesn't seem like that exceptional a number, to me...

Kat O'Brien says that Gerald Laird will start today against the lefty Erik Bedard, and that Adam Eaton will pitch 4 innings for Frisco against Wichita.

And the Rangers are supposed to get the preliminary results from the wind study they commissioned, although Jeff Cogen seems to suggest in his comments to T.R. Sullivan that the effect of the Gold Club on wind at TBIA (and, thus, home runs allowed) is more perception than reality.