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Rangers mid-season top 30 prospects

Inspired by John Sickels' review of his pre-season top 20, I figured I'd throw out my Ranger top 30 prospect list as of right now.

  1. John Danks
  2. Edinson Volquez
  3. Eric Hurley
  4. Josh Rupe
  5. Daniel Haigwood
  6. Thomas Diamond
  7. Omar Poveda
  8. Wes Littleton
  9. Taylor Teagarden
  10. Kasey Kiker
  11. Armando Galarraga
  12. Michael Schlacht
  13. Chad Tracy
  14. Joaquin Arias
  15. Johnny Whittleman
  16. Johan Yan
  17. Nick Masset
  18. Anthony Webster
  19. Kea Kometani
  20. Emerson Frostad
  21. Tim Hulett, Jr.
  22. Steve Murphy
  23. Mike Nickeas
  24. John Mayberry, Jr.
  25. Ben Harrison
  26. Jesse Carlson
  27. Kelvin Jimenez
  28. Kevin Mahar
  29. Nate Gold
  30. Aarom Baldaris
It is kind of funny to me that you have to go all the way down to #13 to find a healthy positional prospect, although I may be ranking Arias too low.

Two guys who are fairly low on the list, but who I think are interesting guys to keep an eye on, are Hulett and Murphy.

Murphy is having a pretty solid year at high-A, and is 22, so it isn't like he's ridiculously old for the level. And Hulett is looking like he could possibly be the poor man's Todd Walker...