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Soriano trade market stuff

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A report in Wednesday's New York Newday says that the Boss wants to bring Soriano back, but that the Yankees don't want to pay the price the Nationals are asking for to get him. That price? According to the article, Philip Hughes...and they say that Cashman will pass on Soriano rather than give up Hughes to get him...

Wednesday's Washington Post says that the Mariners are interested in Soriano, although I don't really see why. The only reason I can figure is that they are trying to goad the Angels into giving up even more of the young talent in the Anaheim farm than they would otherwise...

I don't see that Seattle has all that much to deal, but it would seem that any trade would have to center around Adam Jones. The Post also lists the Tigers, Dodgers, Yankees and Angels as teams interested, although most of what I've been reading has the Tigers as the top candidate.