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Shea Hillenbrand isn't that good

I don't understand why Rangers fans would want the Rangers to go get Shea Hillenbrand.

He's not that good. He's a career .290/.328/.451 hitter. He only plays two positions defensively -- first base and third base -- meaning that, if he came to Texas, he'd only DH.

He's hitting .301/.342/.480 this year, but has been awful lately, hitting .258/.323/.416 in June and .244/.262/.390 in July.

He's not a better hitter than Kevin Mench or Brad Wilkerson. He's not hitting better, in terms of recent performance, than those guys are. He gives you nothing defensively. And he's getting axed by Toronto because he pitched a fit about playing time...the very reason the Rangers wanted Phil Nevin out of here.

So why should the Rangers try to bring him here?

Update [2006-7-20 18:53:34 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Just saw Gerry Fraley's thoughts on Hillenbrand...he's also not in favor...