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Post-ASB stats

Looking at the offense since the break, there are some trends that stick out...

The offense as a whole has only a 723 OPS during that span, which makes the team's 6-4 record all the more remarkable.

Only four players have an OPS over 800 in that span -- Gerald Laird, Mark Teixeira, Kevin Mench, and Brad Wilkerson. Teixeira is hitting only .200, but with a .409 OBP and a .600 slugging percentage.

Young, DeRosa and GMJ are all in the low-700s, and Rod Barajas has a 609 OPS since the break.

But the biggest concerns are Hank Joe and Ian Kinsler. Hank is continuing his trend of tanking after the break, posting just a 400 OPS with no extra base hits, and walking just once versus 9 strikeouts. The walks and Ks were solid in the first half, which was encouraging, but everything has cratered for Blalock in the second half.

And Ian Kinsler has struggled, posting a 589 OPS with just one extra-base hit, although the silver lining for him is that he's been drawing walks at a pretty good rate.

JHJ, if you are interested, has a 182 OPS since the break.