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Monday morning tidbits

Disappointing loss yesterday...once again, following a big offensive output, the bat went into hibernation, scoring just 3 runs total in the two games following Friday's outburst. That's not a good sign.

Kevin Sherrington says that the Rangers need to make a move, among other reasons, because the fans aren't paying attention and are about to abandon the team for the starting of NFL training camps. I don't know that a trade is necessarily going to energize folks...what the Rangers need, to get folks' attention, is a winning streak. Fans don't tend to get too fired up about .500 teams...

Buck Showalter is expected to be released from the hospital this morning, and be back in the dugout tonight.

Alfonso Soriano is continuing to hammer the ball in Washington, and is saying that he wants to sign a long-term deal with the Nationals. I still think he'll end up back in New York, but we shall see...