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I'm flabbergasted

Two on, two outs, down 4 in the 8th inning, Kyle Farnsworth on the mound, and Jerry Hairston Jr. is due up.

The same Hairston who, at that time, has one hit since the All-Star Break, is 2 for his last 22, and came into the game hitting .218/.295/.291 as a Ranger, after putting up a .207/.253/.244 line with the Cubs before being sent to Texas in exchange for Phil Nevin.

Why on Earth do you let Hairston bat, rather than sending up Hank Blalock to pinch hit? Or even Rod Barajas?

It makes my head hurt to think about it.

Update [2006-7-24 23:30:33 by Adam J. Morris]: -- We talked about this a month ago, but the Rangers, with 19 pinch hit plate appearances on the year, and no more interleague games, look likely to break the all-time record for fewest pinch hit appearances (per 162 games), which is 30.