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Elmer Dessens to the Dodgers

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The Dodgers got Elmer Dessens from the Royals, for Odalis Perez, two minor leaguers, and about 8 million.

I like what Dayton Moore is doing in Kansas City right now...he's been taking fliers on guys like Brandon Duckworth that he can get off the waiver wire, flipped Mike MacDougal for a couple of live arms, and now has done the same with Elmer Dessens.

Plus, if you are a team like the Royals, who can add payroll but can't find any worthwhile free agents to spend the added payroll on, getting a guy like Odalis is a perfect compromise...he's someone who has had success in the past, but had just completely soured in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers pick up the bulk of his contract, and the Royals get a couple of minor league pitchers along with getting to roll the dice on Perez getting straightened out now that he's out of L.A. Perez may crap out, but on the other hand, I wouldn't be shocked if, this time next season, the Royals end up flipping Perez to a contender in need of starting pitching who is willing to give up some nice prospects.