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Some DMN stuff

Over at the DMN Rangers blog, Evan Grant speculates about the Rangers becoming sellers, while Gerry Fraley touches on Mark DeRosa's overexposure.

Update [2006-7-27 18:54:46 by Adam J. Morris]: -- And Evan Grant has a chat session up.

Two comments about the Grant chat...first, I disagree with him about the Rangers non-tendering or trading Wilkerson. There aren't a lot of other options out there on the free agent market for corner outfielders this offseason, and a one year deal for $6 million for Wilkerson is a reasonable risk, if the team thinks his pending shoulder surgery will help. Second, he says that Jason Botts didn't get much playing time because he doesn't have a track record. That may be true...but Mark DeRosa does have a track record, and his track record isn't real good. Ditto Jerry Hairston, Jr. I don't see why a poor track record is better than no track record.