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Monday morning bleah

I'm still feeling grouchy right now. Maybe not as much as I was last night, but I'm not feeling real good about this team's chances of bouncing back, given how lifeless they've looked over the past couple of series.

The Rangers have now lost 7 of 8, and are sitting at .500. And why? Because the team's stars aren't hitting.

Five Rangers have an OPS over 800 right now:

Gerald Laird
Ian Kinsler
Gary Matthews, Jr.
Mark DeRosa
Brad Wilkerson (yes, Brad Wilkerson)

Kevin Mench, Mike Young, Mark Teixeira, Hank Blalock...those guys aren't getting the job done. Nor is Brad Wilkerson, for that matter. And last night is the perfect example...the Rangers have 9 hits, but 7 of them are from GMJ and Kinsler. The other two are from Laird and Jerry Hairston Jr., who also provide a HBP and 2 walks between them.

The 2-6 spots, meanwhile, go 0 for 20 with a walk.

Kevin Sherrington, meanwhile, chastises Rangers fans for not loving Michael Young enough.

Evan Grant has some notes about Adam Eaton's comeback schedule, although Jon Daniels says that they don't want to rush Eaton. Frankie Francisco got a cortisone shot, but there's still no timetable for his return. Good news with Kam Loe, though, as Grant says he might make a rehab start next week.

Of course, the Kevin Millwood situation overshadows all of that. If Millwood is gone for any significant length of time, the Ranger rotation is suddenly pretty barren. You would be looking at a rotation of Padilla, Koronka, Rheinecker, Wasdin, and either Robinson Tejeda or Edinson Volquez.