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Fab 5 Freddy sent down

Just saw a flash from Jamey Newberg that the Rangers have sent Fab 5 Freddy Guzman back to AAA, and have recalled Wes Littleton.

With Rick Bauer apparently still unavailable, and John Wasdin not being able to go to the pen as planned because of the uncertainly over Kevin Millwood, the Rangers needed another arm.

Littleton has been outstanding this season out of the pen for both Oklahoma and Frisco, so he's earned a shot.

I have to assume that Guzman doesn't have the good face, or didn't wear his socks right, or something, since after coming over from San Diego and being touted as the possible centerfielder of the future, his first stint in the majors with the Rangers saw him make no starts over a two week stretch, with a total of one plate appearance.