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2 1/2 hours and counting...

...until the trade deadline...

The Reds got Rheal Cormier, the Tigers got Sean Casey (and optioned Chris Shelton to AAA to make room for him...ouch...), and the Twins foisted Kyle Lohse on Cincy.

Wayne Krivsky is out of control...the pitching prospects he gave up for Lohse and Cormier -- who are capsuled in the BA links, above -- appear to be pretty decent. Cincy seems to be really overpaying to get mediocre arms in a push to win this year.

Will Carroll says that Grady Fuson would like to get Hank Blalock in San Diego in his "Will's Mill," but I have a hard time seeing anything happening on that before the trade deadline. Maybe this offseason, though.

I'm going to predict that Alfonso Soriano is not traded, and that the Rangers don't make any more moves before the deadline.