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A few trade deadline updates

The Houston Chronicle says Roy Oswalt is off the market.

This is from a current ESPN chat:

Emery (Sagerton, TX)
What are the chances that the Rangers trade for Miguel Tejada and is this a good move? They would probably have to give up Hank Blalock and more and move Tejada to third. I know the offense has been stagnant as of late, but do they really need another big bat more than starting pitching?

If you can get Tejada for a reasonable price, you get Tejada, no matter what your other needs are. Mike Young is a worse defender at SS than Tejada and could easily move back to 2B, with Mark DeRosa filling in at 3b, or Ian Kinsler could be moved for a 3b or be involved in this deal. Getting Tejada for Blalock and some other small pieces would be a great move for Texas.

If you get Tejada in a deal for Blalock, you move Young to third base, where he's probably better suited.

The last thing you'd want to do is then turn around and try to trade Ian Kinsler for a third baseman...I can't imagine there's a third baseman out there on the market that would be worth dealing Kinsler for.

I said a while back that I wouldn't trade Kinsler for Dontrelle Willis straight up, because I'd much rather have Kinsler thru 2011 (when he'll be f.a. eligible) than Willis thru whenever he's eligible for free agency. And that's going to be the case for any 3B out there on the market right now.

The latest "Will's Mill" update has nothing Rangers related, but does say that an unnamed team has requested a window to discuss contract with Alfonso Soriano.