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Rangers get Stairs (and Kip Wells)

Right after hitting "submit" on my last post, I see that the Rangers got Matt Stairs for Joselo Diaz.

Good trade. Stairs is a quality bench bat, a veteran lefty who can pinch hit, DH, play a little outfield.

I wonder if Brad Wilkerson is heading for the d.l. now...

Update [2006-7-31 15:53:9 by Adam J. Morris]: -- And Ken Rosenthal says the Rangers also got Kip Wells...

Update [2006-7-31 15:57:27 by Adam J. Morris]: -- The comments at the DMN blog on the Stairs trade are almost entirely negative.

But this is a good trade for the Rangers. They gave up nothing to get something they really needed -- a veteran lefty bat who can come off the bench, and who can DH and play some outfield. Stairs has a .275 EQA this season, with a .261/.352/.429 line, and has a career .290 EQA.

Those bitching about the deal, complaining about adding a .261 hitter, are missing the freaking point. We've been saying all season that the Rangers sorely need a bat off the bench...well, the Rangers just got a pretty good one, and gave up nothing for him.

Update [2006-7-31 16:0:47 by Adam J. Morris]: -- The Padres, apparently not happy with just collecting ex-Rangers, are now also getting players the Rangers have been after, picking up Todd Walker from the Cubs.

Update [2006-7-31 16:20:27 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Multiple reports say that the player going to the Pirates is Jesse Chavez, an organizational depth arm. The Wells and Stairs trades are not Carlos Lee-type huge trades, but Daniels has gotten a couple of guys in here that make the team better, and has given up essentially nothing in the process. Two very nice, if relatively minor, moves.

And the Pirates also apparently gave Craig Wilson to the Yankees for Shawn Chacon. Unbelievable. David Littlefield apparently asked for the moon, then at 2:55, took whatever was on the table. Horrible trade deadline for the Pirates.

Update [2006-7-31 17:21:32 by Adam J. Morris]: -- I told you so.