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Beating my dead horse

Okay, something that I wanted to blog about today, and wanted to wait until after the trade deadline to touch on...

Let's update the Gerald Laird/Rod Barajas splits.

Remember the "Laird can't hit righthanders" argument for keeping the platoon (with Barajas getting the majority of the playing time) in place?

Laird has a .278/.329/.500 line against righthanders, while Barajas is .277/.304/.432.

Remember the argument that Barajas got off to a slow start, but he's been hitting as well as Laird since the end of April?

Barajas has a .192/.236/.404 line in July, versus .417/.462/.639 in July for Laird.

Seriously...there's no way to justify Rod Barajas getting the majority of the playing time behind the plate right now.