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The new Rangers roster (and 7/31/06 game day thread)

Update [2006-7-31 16:52:49 by Adam J. Morris]: -- I'm having a problem with the right time getting on my most recent posts, and thus the game day thread isn't going to the top of the page, so I'm just making this the game day thread.

Lineup up, and Laird is starting again...

Go Rangers...

Just a guess...but I'm thinking Stairs is going to be the regular DH against righthanders, with Wilkerson and Lee in the corner outfield slots. That gives you a bench of Cruz, JHJ, DeRosa, and a catcher.

Against lefties, DeRosa replaces either Blalock or Wilkerson, Cruz goes to right field, and you have a bench of Stairs, JHJ, Wilkerson/Blalock, and a catcher.

That gives the team an improved lineup and a pretty decent bench.

If Wilkerson ends up heading to the d.l., then Cruz probably ends up playing everyday in right field.

The rotation would seem to be Millwood, Padilla, Eaton, Wells, and Koronka. Wells has been a decent innings-eater in his career, and after seemingly coming off the d.l. prematurely, has put together three solid starts in a row. If he can give the Rangers 10 starts the rest of the way with a 5.00 ERA and about 65 innings, I think the Rangers should be happy, and I know I would be.

The bullpen, for now, would seem to be Otsuka, Littleton, Bauer, Wasdin, Benoit, Wilson, and Mahay.

Rupe and Rheinecker, I imagine, will be optioned to make room for Stairs and Wells. Kam Loe, meanwhile, is probably due back in the pen shortly, and would seem to be likely to take Wasdin's spot.

That leaves Rupe and Scott Feldman available in the minors if the pen needs reinforcements.