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Wednesday morning stuff

2.5 games back of Oakland now, after a very disappointing loss last night.

I don't get letting Jerry Hairston Jr. hit in the 8th inning as the tying run.

I don't get lifting Brad Wilkerson for a pinch hitter in the 9th.

And I sure don't get leaving Rod Barajas in to hit in the 9th, against a lefty, when the Rangers have basically gone to a catching platoon with Barajas and Gerald Laird, supposedly because Laird hits lefties so much better.

Just a frustrating, baffling night last night.

Kevin Sherrington looks at why fans haven't taken to this Rangers team...his explanation -- a combination of a disappointing 2005, an increase in ticket prices, and this year's slow start -- makes sense. The bottom line still is, I believe, if the team wins, folks will be out there. If the team isn't winning, attendance will be mediocre.

Kat O'Brien has a piece this morning on Jerry Hairston Jr. finding Texas such a better opportunity than Chicago, since he's seeing more playing time here. Why Hairston is getting so much playing time is beyond me, but hey...

On the injured pitcher front, Jan Hubbard says that Kevin Millwood still can't throw; Kam Loe is supposed to throw today; Josh Rupe is going to have a rehab outing at Oklahoma today; Adam Eaton is going to have a rehab start at Oklahoma tomorrow; and Frankie Francisco is still in limbo. If Kevin Millwood can't throw today or tomorrow, he'll miss his start on Friday, with Richard Durrett reporting that John Wasdin would take his place.