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Friday Rangers things

We are heading into the final pre-ASB series today, and with the Rangers having to face both Johan Santana and Francisco Liriano, I don't know that I feel real good about our chances of taking the series.

Oakland won yesterday, putting the Rangers 2 back.

Jan Hubbard has an item on the Rangers' hitting slump, and says that, if the Rangers are going to contend, the bats are going to have to carry them. I pretty much agree with that, which is why it is so important that Mark Teixeira, Brad Wilkerson, et al get it going...

Hubbard also has some notes on the Hello Win Column Fund, the organization set up as a tribute to the late Mark Holtz "to support the American Cancer Society and Metroplex cancer programs, and host cancer patients and their families at Rangers games." There's an auction tonight to raise money for the fund, before the Ranger game...

Evan Grant, meanwhile, has an item on the Rangers being on pace to break the major league record for doubles. I've got nothing, there.

After last night's game between the A's and the Angels, Frank Thomas said that the Angels are the team they are watching all season long. I really don't see any reason, personally, to believe the Angels are going to be playoff contenders this year. I certainly don't think they are more likely to win the division than the Rangers.

And finally, in case you missed it, Eric Gagne is likely to miss the rest of the season with back surgery. The Dodgers have really been snakebit with injuries the past couple of seasons...