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7/9/06 game day thread

Lineup up...

Popup is catching, Botts is at DH, Mench and DeRosa are in the corner outfield slots.

Really, really disappointing that Laird is on the bench again. To quote an excerpt from Grant's piece this morning:

The other complication to the playing-time situation is that today's game is an afternoon game; manager Buck Showalter has mostly started a different catcher in the second game of a night game-day game tandem.

"I'm not concerned about the situation in the least," said Showalter, who did not commit to a starter for today. "Rod has caught some day games after night games."

So, by Buck's own words, Laird isn't sitting because it is a day game after a night game.

Clearly, Laird is sitting because Buck wants to make sure it is clear that Popup is the starter, Laird is the backup, and Laird is going to get backup playing time. There's not a platoon, and Barajas isn't going to lose his starting job.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I'm ready for Buck to be gone.

Anyway...the Kronkster against Santana on the mound.

Go Rangers.