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Tuesday morning

Oakland won last night, so the Rangers remain 5.5 games back of the A's, just like they did when they ended their series against them on Wednesday. Very discouraging.

With the off-day yesterday, not a lot of Rangers buzz right now, although Eric Hurley's outstanding performance last night for Frisco is pretty buzz-worthy. Hurley's performance in AA has definitely been one of the highlights of the last month or so.

Mark DeRosa was named the A.L. Player of the Week for last week, and Evan Grant has a feature on DeRosa today.

The Rangers' other utilityman, Jerry Hairston, Jr., is the subject of a story in the S-T, addressing how Hairston has accepted his lesser role with the team, and how Hairston is hoping to join a team for 2007 that will give him an opportunity to be a starting shortstop.

In the S-T, Jan Hubbard has a strange "interview" with TBIA. Yes, with the ballpark.