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Profanity and LSB

The issue of excessive cursing in the comments here -- and in particular, in the game day threads -- have come up a couple of times recently.

There's no anti-cursing rule, or anything like that, here.

On the other hand, I do think that there is a tendency for folks to go overboard from time to time. I'm no prude, but the endless barrage of f-bombs that eminates from the game day threads sometimes even makes me wince.

So anyway...I'm not going to start banning people for cursing, or anything...

But I would ask that folks try to be considerate of others. I doubt that most folks here would shout "F***" at the top of their lungs at TBIA in response to an error or a walk or something like that.

And I think it would be a good thing if a few folks would maybe dial it down a tad, in regards to the obscenities.