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Tejeda starting Saturday, Koronka starting Sunday

T. R. Sullivan says the Rangers have decided on their starters for the weekend, with Robinson Tejeda getting the start on Saturday, then likely being sent down the next day to make room for John Koronka, who will start on Sunday.

Sullivan doesn't mention it, but I assume the Rangers are going to have to send someone down or make some other move to make room for Tejeda tomorrow.

My guess would be that Fab 5 Freddy Guzman goes to AAA to make room for Tejeda, although the Rangers could conceivably option C.J. Wilson or designated Joaquin Benoit (who seems perpetually in danger of losing his roster spot).

I could be wrong, but I don't think Scott Feldman can be optioned while he's serving his suspension (leading me to wonder if the Rangers shouldn't have gone ahead and optioned him before the suspension was announced yesterday). Otherwise, he'd be the obvious option to be sent down to make room for Tejeda.

Update [2006-8-18 21:5:41 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Thanks to Burnt Orange for pointing out that Feldman doesn't start serving his suspension until Tuesday. I'm guessing he gets sent down on Saturday, and starts serving his suspension when rosters expand in September.