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Saturday morning stuff

Okay, the Rangers are now 5.5 games back of Oakland, after they got swept by the Royals -- yes, the Royals -- in a doubleheader yesterday, and a game back of Anaheim for second place. 5.5 games back is still too far back to really be considered in the playoff race, but at least it is more respectable than 7 games back.

Evan Grant says that Scott Feldman is appealing his suspension, because he got four games for throwing at Adam Kennedy and two games for fighting. Feldman's argument is that, when Kennedy charged the mound, he didn't really have much choice but to fight -- it wasn't as if he was going to just stand there and let Kennedy punch him.

Maybe Selig will tell him he should have run away, instead.

Jan Hubbard says that Freddy Guzman is being sent down to make room for Robinson Tejeda, who, Hubbard reports, feels like he's made significant strides in improving his command since getting sent to AAA.